10 Weird Wedding Dresses Ideas Which Should not be Tried

LED wedding dress

A wedding dress or wedding gown plays a major role in wedding. Every woman wants a perfect wedding dress as it compliments her figure and personality as well as helps her to look beautiful and stylish. There are many women who experiment with their wedding dress on that special day. Sometimes in search of unique dress, these brides end up with some surprising dresses which remain in our mind for years. Generally, wedding dresses are standard, smart, white, long and romantic but there are certain unusual wedding dresses which are weird and ridiculous. Here are given 10 weird wedding dresses which should not be tried.

10 weird wedding dresses

  1. Peacock Feathers Wedding Dress
    Peacock Feathers Wedding Dress
    White gowns and flowing dresses make the wedding more beautiful but these feathers wedding dress looks weird on wedding day. This wedding dress is made up of 2009 peacock tail feathers and 60 Hetian jades. 8 handicraftsmen took 2 months to complete it. The cost of this dress is 1.5 million dollars.
  2. Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

    Stellar crafting abilities.. it’s like toilet paper couture- hard to believe it’s made simply of tissue. Super glad it didn’t rain this woman’s wedding day.

  3. Flag wedding dress
    us flag weddress
    Even though you are real patriot and love your country but that doesn’t mean that you will spoil the beautiful day of your life. Flag wedding dress is worn by the bride who wants to show her love to the country. This wedding dress has amazing white stars on a blue satin corset top with a sparkly red and white striped skirt.
  4. Octopus Wedding Dress
    Octopus Wedding Dress
    Octopus wedding dress resembles the structure of an octopus and liked by the bride who is very adventurous. This dress makes the bride to look fishy on her wedding day. This dress looks good on skinny girls as it will make her figure more feminine. The bride will also look more innocent by wearing this dress.
  5. The LED Wedding Gown
    LED wedding dress
    The LED wedding gown is also among the weirdest wedding dresses. This dress has around 300 warm white LEDs all through the skirt which were arranged randomly. The batteries were hidden in the skirt’s wider part and the lights can be turned on/off through a remote control.
  6. Hello Kitty Wedding Gown

    Hello kitty wedding gown is very childish and shows that the bride is living in an 8-year-old’s Sanrio dreamland. This dress is perfect for the brides who don’t want to come out from her childhood. Many brides like to highlight their girly side on their wedding day by wearing this gown. This gown is made with so many hello kitties on it.
  7. The Cream Puff Wedding Gown

    cream puff wedding
    image credit: oddee.co

    The cream puff wedding gown is very strange bridal outfit which is made up of 1,500 cream puffs. To make the complete dress, the baker took 2 months. The weight of this wedding dress is 20 pounds (9 kilograms).

  8. Rubber Wedding Gown
    Rubber wedding dress
    This rubber wedding gown is prepared from 1400 pairs of rubber gloves. This wedding dress gives a very vulgar look. It is made by 51 British artisans like MacMurray. Rubber gloves used in the dress are common household gloves.
  9. Chocolate Wedding Dress
    chocolate wedding dress
    Chocolate wedding dress is one of the worst wedding dresses. Ian Stuart and Rococo Chocolates have designed this dress. Along with the dress, they even included a delicious hat which was topped with ivory truffles and white chocolate feather.
  10. Duct Tape Wedding Gown
    duct tape wedding dress
    Duct tape wedding gown is the weirdest dress which is made from duct tape. Joyce Lotta and Kevin Thomas wore clothes made of duct tape in their marriage. 48 rolls of duct tape are used to make bridal dress and the groom’s jacket. This dress is made by fashion designer, Brian McKinney.



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