How to dress for an outdoor wedding in fall?

Fall season is considered as a romantic season for wedding. Wedding, the most important day in for a bride-to-be, is an enormous event shared by couples and their families and friends. Going to such a big part of a couple’s life is a big task for everyone. The bride spends much time for selecting the dresses worn by her. Also, the mothers of the groom and bride spend innumerable hours in shopping for the perfect dress. Similarly, one question arises in every guests’ mind i.e. what they will wear to such an important event as soon as they receive the invitation for wedding. An outdoor wedding in fall can be held in a garden or even a private backyard. Many people consider outdoor wedding as less formal so selecting suitable outfits may seem difficult. If your loved one is planning for wedding in fall, you need to know what to wear.

Material choice is more important to select for outdoor wedding in fall weather, as the fall season can be unpredictable. Only select those garment textures which are nice to touch, feel and see. The ideal materials are silk and satin. However, you can receive seasonal with velvet or cashmere too. Burnt orange, brilliant reds, and pale yellows combined with earthy browns create an ideal color combination. You can also choose for deep purples and plums. If you get opportunity to attend the outdoor fall wedding, do so in a style praiseworthy of the occasion.

Black Tie Fall Wedding

Women should wear formal gowns and men should wear tuxedos for attending a black tie fall wedding. For women, it is better to wear an evening suit or a floor length gown when they plan for attending an occasion with wearing a dressy cocktail dress. Black is accepted by mostly all but a jewel tone will give you more festive and trendy look.

Long blue gown is also well-acceptable for a fall wedding. The navy color is sedate, but the small piece of tinsel at the top adds bit extra fun. If you want sexy look without being unsuitable with too much cleavage, you can opt for gown with one-shoulder strap.

If you receive an invitation that reads Black Tie Optional, you have a range of options for wearing; from a cocktail dress to a formal gown. The embroidered illusion dress with cocktail length and the beading provides allure look without being the least bit funereal. For adding a formal touch to the cocktail dress, opt for luxe fabrics.

Maggy London’s textured metallic dress is an ideal iridescent example of a frock that will knit into a wedding or your approaching holiday bash. Actually, it’s best to stay away from casual fabrics like linen or cotton. More-structured, heavier materials look most polished.

Formal Daytime Fall Wedding

Formal daytime wedding
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For attending a formal daytime wedding, women should wear a sharp suit or a smart, short dress. The dress should not be beaded or black. While selecting dress, stick to lighter fabrics and bright colors to look fit for daytime.

A woman wearing a stylish suit during a daytime wedding always makes people starry-eyed. The trick is to save the plain black for the office and find for a suit with smart styling that looks sophisticated rather than stuffy. Rich fabrics in vivid colors will help to make the suit suitable for a fall wedding.

Men should wear a dark colored suit; means dark grey or navy suit. For a daytime wedding, a black suit can look too heavy. As well, they should opt for a mid-tone or bright tie that synchronizes with suit.

Casual Evening Wedding

casual evening wedding
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If you receive an invitation for a casual evening wedding, it doesn’t mean that you can wear jeans and t-shirts. In fact, it is a worst choice. For a casual evening wedding, women should dress in a fashionable but simple dress while men should wear a nice pair of pants and a dark button down shirt.

For an appealing spin on the traditional suit, you could also try a chic black blazer with slim-leg pants. For a fun twist, include a patchwork of sparkly brooches to the lapel in place of jewelry.

Festive Attire Fall Wedding

Festive Attire Fall Wedding
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Many people get confused when they receive wedding invitation saying “Festive Attire”. However, it is pretty straight forward. Women should wear a cocktail dress or a party dress that will be fun to dance in and make you feel festive. The cocktail dress having a full silky skirt will rock out on the dance floor. Men should wear a suit, possibly with a fashionable accessory such as a designer tie or suspenders.

Casual Daytime Wedding

Casual Daytime Wedding
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If you’re invited to a casual daytime wedding, don’t wear something old from your closet; update your wardrobe and purchase something new that you can wear again and again. Look for a more polished dress suitable for either morning or afternoon.

The dress should be comfortable and stylish. Wear the dress with a sparkly necklace, or pair it with a thin leather jacket and some great boots.

Late Afternoon or Early Evening Fall Wedding

Late afternoon oe early evening fall wedding
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It can be difficult to figure out what to wear if you are invited to 4 pm wedding or 6 pm wedding ceremony. While looking fashion-forward, the simple solution is to look for a dress with simple lines, which can be dressed up or down. For the daytime ceremony, add simple earrings and a little jacket.

Also, include some great bracelets and a pair of swing sparkly earrings in your purse or bag for the evening reception. A dress with simple lines and a colorful scarf or jacket will look swanky with a cocktail at the ceremony.

What to Wear to Stay Warm at a Fall Wedding

stay warm at a fall wedding
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Many women fail to plan ahead for the fall wedding and their great dresses were ruined by too-casual sweaters and outdoor coats. However, you can stay warm without wrecking your outfit.

  • Long, sweeping skirts don’t go out of style at all. Wear the skirt with a long-sleeve top if the temperature is cool or with a sleeveless top along with a fashionable shrug.
  • A chic dress with a cute wool jacket will absolutely keep you warm; the belt and cute ruffle insert a feminine touch to the look.
  • In the mid-90s, true pashminas were way overdone but now there is a way to wear a wrap that will keep your arms covered in a stylish way.
  • You might also require an overcoat outside. A matching brocade coat will defend you in drafty hall. You can discard the coat when the dance floor heat up to disclose a cute dress beneath.

Other Tips about Dressing for an Outdoor Wedding

Avoid wearing jeans or T-shirts for the wedding as wedding doesn’t give you consent to dress like a baseball game. Sneakers or casual flip-flops are also out the question for an outdoor wedding unless the invitation reads that you are permitted to wear flip-flops or sneakers. Women should wear nice sandals while men should wear dress shoes.

Choose attire i.e. not completely black as a wedding is such a joyous occasion. Though black is often believed as acceptable to wear for a wedding, wearing colors that are light might be a better option.

Almost any color works in fall season but it is alluring to go with autumn colors such as chocolate, pumpkin or vermillion. It is best to go with a rush of fall color or one solitary fall color throughout.

Wrap dresses, a skirt and a sweater or slacks are appropriate for woman during a semi-formal or dressy casual equates to business casual. For men, a button-up shirt or polo shirt and slacks are appropriate. If you are not comfortable, take along a dinner jacket.



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