Travel Insurance: Why You Really Need It

travel insurance really need

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Choosing the best travel insurance is actually a difficult task. Picking up the right one depends on various factors. There are many plans and different insurance policies. Travel insurance gives you piece of mind and protects your investment. The cost on average varies from 6 to 10 percent per person of the total cost of the trip per person.Travel insurance plans depend on the age of the travelers the type of coverage and the trip cost.

How To Buy Travel Insurance

Before anything else you have to figure out what you want to insure. What you are looking for to protect. Airfare, hotel and cruise costs or you are seeking medical protection? Many travel insurance policies can offer a solution that covers both medical and travel costs. However these types of travel insurance cost more.

In fact most travelers seek to insure travel costs. They actually need a trip cancellation policy. Others need medical coverage. They can find also a great number of medical plans that fit their needs. The benefit of these single category plans is that they are cheaper.

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Many travelers think mistakenly that their health insurance will cover any medical services. However this is not always true. As a rule of thumb you should always check your health insurance before going out to see the world. This is because the majority of health plans are based around network coverage. Simply put. If you see a doctor outside the prescribed network you are not covert, unless there is a huge medical emergency and you need urgent medical care.

A travel medical plan can bridge the gap and save you some pocket money if you need to see a doctor about a minor medical emergency like a stomach flu or an ear infection.

If you are an adventure seeker you should seek an insurance travel plan that covers hazardous and adventure sports. This is because many plans exclude such coverage for accidents that happen during certain activities. This includes skiing, scuba diving and skydiving. However there are insurance travel plans that offer this kind of sports coverage as an upgrade.

There is also an option for those that are too scared to travel or change their minds too easily. A cancel for any reason plan protect your investment up to 75 percent. These plans are really flexible. However they cost a fortune. The price is a few hundred dollars more than standard plans.

There are cases that travel insurance coverage may by unnecessary. In case you have homeowners, auto, life or health insurance it is recommended to ask details about your plan as to avoid paying more for manageable losses or a minimal risk. You have to narrow down what is important to you and find out if your insurance provider or your credit card covers you.

For example if you are terrified that you will die in a plane crash you should buy flight insurance. Actually what you need is term life insurance. Life has a distinctive sense of humor and you might end up dying in a car crash after your plane has crashed and you are the only survivor.

In a nutshell Medicare doesn’t cover expenses outside the U.S. However some Medigap policies actually do. In that case you should seriously consider buying a medical travel insurance policy.

When To Buy Travel Insurance

If you are planning to purchase a plan that covers trip cancellation you should do it after making the first payment for your trip.  Try to be as much as possible accurate about your total expected travel cost. This may help you get the most accurate quote about the right travel insurance plan.

There are policies that have time sensitive eligibility requirements such as Cancel for any reason coverage. These are tied to your initial trip payment. In that case you a have only a limited time to bay a plan to access such benefits. This is crucial if you need coverage for a pre-existing medical condition.

There are a few medical plans available after your departure. However you should buy travel insurance before it is actually needed. Take for example the hurricane travel insurance. If you are planning a cruise during the high hurricane season you should buy a travel insurance before the storm is named. Otherwise the action is not possible. You have to be sensitive about your needs and plan accordingly.

In fact as soon as you book your trip and make the first payment you have to start comparing travel insurance plans.

Usually you have to purchase your travel insurance plan within a narrow spectrum of days 10 to 14 from the initial trip deposit date. The initial trip deposit date is the date that the traveler makes the first arrangement for a trip. This way you might avoid a few insurance loopholes.

Travel insurance covers unexpected events. The sooner you buy it the better. There are a few important coverages that must be purchased soon after trip deposit. These include: Cancel for any reason coverage, Cancel for work reasons coverage, Preexisting medical condition coverage, Financial default coverage, Hurricane coverage, and Work conflict coverage.

In case you are in fact covered for medical care outside your network you have to find out if the insurance company pays directly for any care you might receive. Sometimes you have to pay with your own money and then get the money from the insurance company upon your return home. This is crucial in case of a huge medical emergency that requires thousands of dollars.

Emergency evacuation is important in case you may need treatment that is not available in your destination or you still need to get back home for further treatment. Your final destination is crucial for the travel insurance coverage. The more remote your final destination the higher the medical aspect of your plan.

The Cheap Travel Insurance

While it is tempting to buy a cheap travel insurance “just in case” is usually a bad decision. This is because inexpensive travel insurance plans have significantly lower benefits. Simply put lower the price, lower the benefits limit.  The payment will be according to the coverage limit. This way you end up loosing money.

Time requirements are also tied to travel insurance benefits. Cheap plans attached to whether events usually have a huge delay gap up to 48 hours while more advanced plans require half the time.  Travel delay benefits kick earlier for the quality plans.

If you are searching for the cheapest option make sure that you understand completely the plan what really covers.

At any point you should always ask for help. Every respectable travel insurance provider will provide the necessary information and any help you may need in your attempt to find the best coverage for your next trip.



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